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Bossed For You: The Lazy Boss™ and The Lazy Bowl™

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What’s in a burger? Burgers have a rich history and culture in the American landscape. It’s a staple food. Some enjoy the quick fast food burgers while others like a big dine-in style one. At Burger Boss, we have a wide variety of burgers where you decide how it is made. If you are not feeling a traditional style burger we also have The Lazy Boss™ and The Lazy Bowl™. Initially, we strongly held the concept that you get to boss your burger. You make the choices on what does and does not go on your burger. However, certain individuals may not be in the mood to make choices and just want a ready-made burger. For many years, customers started requesting an option of a burger that was “bossed for you.” Basically, a choice where the choice for the various toppings, sauces, etc. were already set. Due to the high demand, we decided to bring it back! The current “bossed for you” delicacy contains grass-fed beef, green leaf lettuce, crispy pickles, fresh onion, vine ripe tomatoes, and thousand island dressing. 

About Burger Boss

Burger Boss is based in Southern California and QSR Magazine has named it amongst the top 30 emerging restaurant chains. From its inception, Burger Boss was all about bringing back the great American Burger. At Burger Boss we want you to be the boss of your burger. We want to give you total freedom to choose and build the best burger possible. We pride ourselves in only offering grass-fed burgers. We share knowledge with our customers about why grass-fed is important – from the environmental impact to the nourishment of our bodies. It is our passion to educate the market and inspire advocates of everything covered in goodness. We are experts at combining the delight of your taste buds with the curiosity of your imagination. We believe that ingredients should be natural, flavors should be bold, and decisions should be made with confidence.

History of the Burger

According to, here are some fun historical facts about the history of the burger:

1200s – The earliest burger ancestor is invented by Mongol horsemen, who stash raw meat beneath their saddles while wreaking chaos across Asia. The pounded meat is tender to a level for the cavalry to eat raw.

1802 – The Oxford English Dictionary defines the Hamburg steak as the following: a “hard slab of salted, often slightly smoked, minced beef, mixed with bread crumbs and onions. 

1873  – The spot Delmonico’s in New York City advertises a Hamburg steak on its dinner menu. It was the first printed menu in America. It was only 10 cents! 

1900 – Louis Lassen of Louis’ Lunch in New Haven serves cooked ground beef on a vertical boiler which is sandwiched between two toast slices. The Library of Congress officially credits Louis’ Lunch for selling the first hamburger in the United States a century later. 

1904 – The hamburger makes its national debut! It is made at the St. Louis World’s Fair at a burger stand by Fletcher Davis of Athens, Texas. 

1916 – Walter Anderson, a fry cook creates a short, squat bun specifically made for hamburgers. 

1928 – An early example of a cheeseburger shows up on the menu at O’Dell’s diner in Los Angeles. The cheeseburger is served with cheese and chili for 25 cents.

1940 – McDonald’s Bar-B-Que is launched in San Bernardino, California by Richard and Maurice McDonald. The brothers renovated the restaurant, refocusing the menu on their 15-cent hamburger eight years later. 

1994 – The cult classic Pulp Fiction by Quentin Tarrantino comes to theaters. John Travolta educates the world on the “Royale with cheese.”

2001 – Burgers make up 71 percent of the total beef served in commercial restaurants.

2009 – PETA offers the city of Hamburg, New York, $15,000 worth of non-meat patties to change the town’s name to Veggieburg. Hamburg declines the offer. 


The Lazy Boss™ 

The Lazy Boss™ is a great option if your burger cravings have kicked in! If you are feeling a standard burger where all the guesswork is taken out, then The Lazy Boss™ is the best choice for you. The Lazy Boss™ starts with what any burger needs – the buns. You can choose from the following: white kaiser, wheat grain or gluten-free. The patty is our signature grass-fed beef. The cheese is yellow American, a classic you can never go wrong with. For The Lazy Boss™ we chose the 1,000 island dressing with its unique taste. The veggie toppings are simple yet effective for the holistic taste of the burger. We top it off with green leaf lettuce, fresh onion, and vine ripe tomatoes. All this for $8.50 

Lazy Bowl™ 

We offer a lot more than just burgers. We also offer delicious bowls if you are in the mood to change things up. Don’t worry, we have you covered. Are you very health conscious and follow a very strict diet regimen? Are the majority of your meals low carb? You might have had a great workout in the morning, and want to cut down on the carbs. In that case, The Lazy Bowl™ is the way to go. The Lazy Bowl™ is similar to The Lazy Boss™, but you don’t get bun. Instead, you lay the main items on a bed of lettuce or spinach. You still get the protein – the grass-fed beef patty. You also get the slice of American yellow. No bowl is complete without veggies, right? The bowl comes with green leaf lettuce, fresh onion, and vine ripe tomatoes. To finalize The Lazy Bowl™, you need a dressing! We stick with the delicious 1000 island. The price of The Lazy Bowl™ is the same as the price for The Lazy Boss™, $8.50. 

So if you are craving the great American burger, stop by any of our Southern California locations. We would love to have you!


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