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Burger Boss Opens Its Doors to Their 6th Location In Southern California: West Hollywood

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West Hollywood Opening


Hollywood, the land of the stars and creative opportunity. This trendy, hip city is known for its iconic locations. The fabled Sunset Strip features a bustling nightlife, comedy clubs, and live music venues. People from around the world flock to this exuberant location. No travel excursion can be complete without getting a taste of the delicacies that are offered. Hollywood has some great restaurants. From fine dining to delicious quick eateries, everything is covered. Americans love burgers as it is a staple of a feelgood meal. Hollywood is also the home of avid foodies. The beauty of this city is that regardless of your taste pallet Hollywood, has it all. Whether your vegan or gluten-free, an option is available for you near the walk of fame. Burger Boss has satisfied hundreds of hungry customers and is We have a diverse menu that will cater to your culinary needs. We were initially based in the Inland Empire and Orange County. We figured it’s time to expand closer to the great county of Los Angeles, and West Hollywood was our number one choice. We are proud to announce that their West Hollywood location is now open! 


West Hollywood Location


The restaurant will be conveniently located on the corner of Santa Monica Blvd and North La Brea Ave. If you are in the area and are craving that great American burger, you know where to come!


Burger Boss’ Vision


Our goal is to bring back the Great American Burger. We want to put your taste buds and your health at the center of all we do so that you have the freedom to be the boss of your choices and only build the best. We share knowledge with our guests about why grass-fed matters – from the environmental impact to the nourishment of our bodies. It is our passion to educate the market and inspire advocates of everything covered in goodness. We are radically changing not only what a burger can be, but the entire experience of invention. We are experts at combining the delight of your taste buds with the curiosity of your imagination. We believe that ingredients should be natural, flavors should be bold, and decisions should be made with confidence.


Grass-fed Beef


We take great pride in providing grass-fed beef. The way cows are fed is known to have a major effect on their nutritional composition. Numerous studies have shown that the nutrients in beef can vary depending on what the cows consume. Most calves in the U.S. are born in the spring. Then they drink milk from their mothers and are allowed to roam free and eat grass, shrubs, or whatever edible plants they find in their environment. This occurs for 6-12 months until the “conventionally” raised cows are moved to feedlots. Large feedlots are called Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs). Here, the cows are rapidly fattened with grain-based feeds. This is usually made with a base of soy or corn or even in some cases, candy and trash. The conventionally raised cows are also commonly given drugs and hormones to grow faster, as well as antibiotics to survive the unsanitary living conditions. The cows live there for a couple of months and are then moved into the factory for slaughtering.


The way cows are fed is known to have a major effect on their nutritional composition. Many studies have shown that the nutrients in beef can vary depending on what the cows consume. All beef is nutritious, but grass-fed beef is known to be significantly more nutritious than grain-fed beef. Some benefits include better fat, more vitamin K2, more antioxidants, cholesterol-lowering effects, and more.


Our Delectable Options


Boss Your Burger 

One of our most popular options is the Boss Burger. This is our standard classic burger where you are in total control. You are the boss of every single item. It’s almost as if you are in the back putting these burgers together. You are the chef and the endulgar! When you boss your burger you get to choose from 3 types of buns, 4 types of cheese, and 7 types of sauces. We have an assortment of vegetables depending on the mood you are in. Finally, you can pick from 5 premium toppings. We recommend the perfectly fried egg if you are feeling wild on your lunch excursion! 


Boss Your Fries


What meal is not complete without fries, right? A burger’s taste gets enhanced when you have a few fries as well. It is the yin to a burger’s yan! We at Boss Bowl understand that having a little bit of variety on our menu is the way to go. The beauty with the Boss fries is that you still get to be the boss and you still have an assortment of fries to work with. It is truly a win-win! 


Boss Your Bowl


Are you a health enthusiast? Do you love the gym and must always stick to a certain percentage of macros or do you have to stay within a caloric budget? We are all about desertification. We also cater to our customers that want to go a little lighter. You still get the natural goodness of grass fed beef if you want to go protein style. You can make yourself a salad and mix a combination that will be titillating for your taste buds. Who said you can’t be the boss of your health as well! 


Burger Boss in the Press


Reviews give a restaurant it’s lifeblood. It helps customers get an understanding of what makes a certain food product worthy of indulgence. These reviews speak for themselves:


“Burger Boss, a concept that allows guests to ‘boss’ their own grass-fed or grass-finished burger, was named as one of the Top 30 Emerging Restaurant Chains by QSR Magazine, the industry’s leading source of information for the quick-service and fast-casual restaurant industries.” – Great Taste Magazine


“Trying to decide from the seemingly endless burger joints that are out there can be quite the daunting task. Burger Boss has made that task much easier by giving you not only an amazingly tasty burger, created your way but also by using grass-fed beef, which will benefit you long after you have finished your meal.” – Splashmags


“Millennials and the up-and-coming Gen Z crowd can feel at ease with giant touch screens that allow you to fully customize your meal and visualize it in real-time. Choose from 100% grass-fed beef, cage-free chicken and turkey, or vegan black bean patties, white kaiser, wheat grain or gluten-free buns, a wide variety of cheeses, yes they included gouda, and sauces and toppings as far as the eye can see.” – Foodbeast


“Mo Farha shows us why he is the burger boss.” – Locale Magazine


Follow our social media pages @burgerboss regarding updates about the opening of our West Hollywood location. It will be our honor to have your taste buds explode in ecstasy and for you to get a real feel of indulging in a great American burger.


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