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Meet the Rancher:
A Great American Burger Needs Great American Beef

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Ranching is more than a business—it’s a lifestyle. At Burger Boss, our commitment to grassfed and finished beef comes from our deep appreciation of naturally raised cattle. Country Natural Beef, an Oregon-based family ranch cooperative, built its model to deliver naturally raised beef products “to ensure healthy land, healthy animals, and healthy people.” Country Natural Beef provides an important distinction in the beef marketplace —cleanliness. Their cattle is “never given antibiotics at any time in their life and never receive added hormones.”

For over 30 years, Country Natural Beef has consisted of dozens of family ranchers who own and manage more than 100,000 cows on acres of private and public land. The common goal is to reduce our carbon footprint at Burger Boss and Country Natural Beef. By adhering to Grazing Well Principles, ranchers at Country Natural Beef are able to take ownership of not only their cattle, but tending to their land as well. They say that you are what you eat, right? Burger Boss services grassfed and finished beef to usher in conscious cuisine. We’re working toward animal and land welfare to deliver a premium option for guests.

The greatness in great American beef stems from a rancher’s customer-focused attention. Each rancher that’s a part of Country Natural Beef “spends at least two days per year in retail stores to get to know the people who purchase their beef.” The detailed level of attention followed by proper food production protocol is something you can taste instantly!

“This direct connection we have with Burger Boss makes it so the beef we produce is going to people we actually have connection to – instead of a faceless consumer.  This keeps the goal of quality product top of mind.”

-Alan Kartchner, Country Natural Beef

Country Natural Beef provides great American beef that makes Burger Boss able to continuously serve the Great American Burger every day—one bite and you taste the cleanliness of naturally raised beef.

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