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Carryout During COVID

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2020 has been some year, hasn’t it? COVID came out of nowhere. It feels like it happened overnight; it spread across the globe, and there was a government-mandated shutdown. According to Wikipedia, as of August 10, there are 20.1 million cases of COVID-19 at a global level. In the United States, we have crossed 5 million cases. This virus has spread quickly and has affected many industries. The restaurant industry is no exception. Various sectors have come up with methodologies to navigate this crisis. For the restaurant industry, dine in had to be stopped immediately. The industry had to switch to primarily relying on take out orders. In this blog, we will examine carryout during COVID. 


Tips to Ordering Out During COVID 


Dr. Kristen Gibson, an associate professor of food safety and microbiology at the University of Arkansas, offers the following tips: 


Wash Your Hands


After COVID hit, restaurants relied heavily on delivery. Dine-in eating stopped. Currently, some delivery platforms are doing contact-free delivery — dropping food at your doorstep, so there’s no change of hands. Grubhub, which owns Instacart and Seamless, implemented this practice. It is important to note that contactless delivery typically involves a direct handoff. Many customers will open the door and take the bag directly. You have no idea how conscious the delivery person is with the COVID guidelines. Thus, you must take the proper steps. If you happen to touch while tipping the delivery person, just make sure that you wash your hands for twenty seconds with soap and water. Cleaning the outside of the bag is a given. Dr. Gibson further states that even if you wiped the outside of the bag, make sure to wash your hands. 


Don’t’ Touch Your Face


This has been said over and over again with the advent of COVID. Touching your face is such a subconscious activity. We do it all the time. Always be mindful of this. Keep a mental reminder not to touch your face. The public does it regularly as it is such a reflex motion. Make sure that you don’t touch your face during the time when you receive your take out orders. 


Dump Out What You Can


The New York Post states that one thing to keep in mind while ordering out is to remember to dump out what you can. When you receive your order, you will get multiple bags and packages. Once you place the bag on your kitchen counter, wash your hands right away. Empty all the containers of food. You will be feeling hungry and want to dig in, but just one more step! Immediately get rid of unnecessary packaging and bags. Discard every last container before eating. If you have sauce packets, empty the sauce, and then discard the little packets.

Hot is the Best Option


The New York Post states that hot food is a better option than cold food. Research has found that regarding coronaviruses — not specifically the COVID-19 strain, but generally speaking— microwaving and heat destabilizes the virus. Therefore, hot takeout is an even safer option than cold food. In terms of cold temperature, if you freeze your food, it won’t do anything. Coronaviruses can survive in a frozen state for up to two years. 


Take Out with Burger Boss


Burger Boss prides itself on giving a great customer experience. Not only do we have delicious burgers, we ensure that your take out experience is enjoyable. With the advent of COVID, we wanted to make sure that your experience won’t get affected. Our staff takes all the necessary precautions, and our to-go ordering is easy for everyone. We recently launched our smartphone app, which is available through Apple and Google Play. The app is very user friendly. You can put in your order quickly and efficiently. The app works for all our locations, including Tustin, Mission Viejo, Cypress, and Riverside. You can order online from the Burger Boss app, online at For online ordering services the following options are available: 

  1. Post Mates 
  2. DoorDash
  3. UberEats (Cypress, Mission Viejo, Tustin) 


Why Order Online?


With the current crises, options for foodies and those who want to grab a quick bite are limited. With our quick lifestyles, many don’t have the time to prepare food and eating out becomes a big part of their day to day life. COVID might be here for a while, and we have to come up with solutions that are efficacious. Online ordering has great benefits in that it helps if you have a busy schedule. During these uncertain times, many find dining in at a restaurant to be highly risky. With online ordering, you can be in the comfort of your home and create an order in your safe place. With the proper and cautionary steps, you can have a satisfying meal. Burger Boss has adjusted quite seamlessly with these new regulations. We ensure your safety when completing your online order


Burger Boss firmly believes that bringing back the great American burger starts with letting you, the burger lover, always be boss. We have a simple and effective formula. Only use grass-fed, natural goodness. We take great pride in only serving the best protein possible. This includes grass-fed beef and naturally raised poultries combined with a menu that offers many kinds of cheese, sauces, and extra toppings.


Food is a great thing. It brings joy to our desirous taste buds, unites kindred spirits, and is just fun to have. There is no need to deprive oneself of savory delicacies during this difficult time of COVID. Foodies need not despair! With the proper precautions, you can still order out and enjoy a delectable meal! A safe bon appetit to you and yours! 


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