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Unique Health Fair to Open Orange County’s First Burger Boss

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Typical grand openings are for typical restaurants. The Orange County’s First Burger Boss, at 27690 Santa Margarita Parkway, is getting a health fair befitting its atypical commitment to healthier lifestyles.

From 10:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Fri., July 14th, the “Boss Your Life” grand-opening health fair will showcase local health and wellness organizations including 24 Hour Fitness, NutriStop, Pure Barre, The United Studios of Self Defense and Saddleback CrossFit.

Because healthy burgers go with healthy lifestyles.

“Boss Your Life” will host guest speakers addressing the benefits of natural ingredients and other ways to improve overall health. There will also be live music from DJ The Leo King, a social-media photobooth and giveaways including an Apple® iPad® Air 2 and a free month of CrossFit training.

Full Schedule:

10:00 am – Ribbon cutting with the MV Chamber of Commerce and RSM Chamber representative

10:30 am – Burger Boss doors open!

11:30 am – Speaker: Dr. Jodi Jones and Lyla Messenger of Finish Line Dynamics on “Being Your Own Boss”

12:30 pm – Speaker: “The importance of Grass-fed Beef and Nutrition”

1:00 pm – Social media giveaway Including an iPad Air 2 & other prizes

1:30 pm – Speaker: Dr. Jodi Jones and Lyla Messenger of Finish Line Dynamics on “Being Your Own Boss”


24 Hour Fitness – Mission Viejo, CA

CrossFit Forest

Wholesale Nutrition Center

United Studios of Self Defense

Baker Ranch Yoga

Puritan Bakery

Saddleback CrossFit

Finish Line Dynamics

ZICO Coconut Water

About Burger Boss

Burger Boss is bringing back the great American burger that was lost in fast food. We offer our customers 100% grass-fed beef, cage-free chicken and turkey, and vegan black bean as permanent protein options: all growth-hormone and antibiotic-free and as locally sourced as possible. These go in vegan white or wheat or gluten-free buns, or on a lettuce wrap or in a bowl with 35 different cheese, topping and sauce options. Fresh-cut fries (regular or sweet potato) round out the menu with the option to “boss your fries” using our burger topping options. Burger Boss is also one of the only current providers of the natural ingredient Coca-Cola Life® fountain drink on the West Coast.

“When OC burger lovers step into our store, they’ll realize we’re only about grass-fed, natural goodness and they’ll know that they truly are the boss.” – “Mo” Farha, Burger Boss president and founder

In a nod to tech-savvy millennials and the up-and-coming Gen Z, Burger Boss offers the option to build and pay for burgers and fries using giant touch screens installed at store entrances. These interactive screens allow patrons to add whatever options they desire as well as visualize what their delicious creation will look like in real-time. Orders are then served up directly to their table in approximately 10-15 minutes.

“If I could give Boss newbies any advice, it’s to go crazy on the sauces. They’re free, unlimited, and the weirdest combos actually taste the best (ketchup, 1000 Island, and garlic herb mayo, anyone?). Well, that, and to go there on an empty stomach. Enjoy!”  – OC Weekly

Burger Boss on “Why Grass-fed Beef”

Simply put, grass-fed beef is real meat. It provides more dietary protein than grain-fed beef, is naturally leaner and lower in calories, contains more omega 3s and omega 6s, and is loaded with natural minerals and vitamins A & E.

We take pride in serving burger lovers a premium beef product, raised the old fashioned way as nature intended.

Our ancestors ate real meat. We think you should too.

The Mission Viejo store is one of five locations scheduled to open in Orange County in the next few months, with Lake Forest slotted for August, Cypress for mid-December and Tustin shortly afterward.


Burger Boss Mission Viejo is located at:

27690 Santa Margarita Parkway,

Mission Viejo, California 92691

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