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Grassfed. Natural. Goodness – Behind our Tagline

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A delicious burger that uses only grassfed, natural, goodness.

Grassfed. Natural. Goodness.

Why we stand so strongly behind those three simple words.



Simply put, grassfed beef is known to provide more dietary protein and is part of a diet most in harmony with human physiology. It’s naturally leaner and lower in calories, contains more omega 3s and omega 6s and is loaded with natural vitamins and minerals. You care about what you are putting into your body, and so do we. That’s why we take pride in serving burger lovers premium, grassfed beef.



Our ingredients are as natural as nature intended. Our cows only eat grass and roam freely, our poultry is cage-less and is fed a natural diet. All of our meat is free of growth hormones and antibiotics. We offer fresh protein and produce because freezers are for fakes and fresh is more flavorful. Local farmers and reducing our carbon footprint is important to us; that’s why we offer locally-sourced produce whenever possible.



We believe in Goodness. We pride ourselves on serving only the best proteins and produce. We offer honest ingredients and the freedom to be your own boss because you know what you like best. “Boss Your Burger” the way you want it with over 30 different bun, protein and topping options. Top your burger off with vine ripe tomatoes to turkey bacon, you’ll take your tastebuds anywhere they crave to go.


No Frills. No Gimmicks. No Nonsense. That’s what burger lovers deserve.


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